How it all began

In 2012 we started Knab. An online bank that works differently. Simpler. A complete back package with smart alerts, or insurances that suit you best. We help our customers using smart technology combined with a healthy dose of human understanding. That's why over 200,000 customers chose Knab.

We believe in a healthier financial world

We want to be our customers’ eyes and ears when it comes to their financial situation. We ensure that our customers have control over their financial affairs and that they can make the best possible decisions at just the right times.  

Working at Knab
Working at Knab

We share our knowledge and offer personal insight

We ensure that our customers’ personal financial data works to their advantage. No challenge is too big. Knab delivers relevant and comprehensive solutions. Think about smart alerts to prevent a customer’s account from being overdrawn or information about the different savings accounts you can create.  

Innovative, human and challenging

We are a fresh and sincere voice in the financial world. Getting to know people better is not a matter of secondary importance, it’s absolutely necessary. We embrace all smart technology from the digital world and add a hefty dose of common sense and human understanding. We guide customers in the financial world without patronizing them.

Working at Knab