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Knab was founded in 2012 because we wanted to do things differently. Simpler, smarter and more advantageous for our customers. Because we believe we can help everyone maximize their financial affairs. "Feel at ease when it comes to your finances. Every day." By combining smart technical solutions with a healthy dose of human intelligence, we create financial services that really meet your needs. Add to that some of the sublime personal service from our employees and you end up with something that's truly unique to the world of finance. From banking to insurances, we've got your back!

In a nutshell
As Senior Procurement Specialist you are supporting the Knab organisation with Procurement & Vendor Management activities. You will be part of the Procurement & Vendor Management team.

The tasks vary from analysing, selecting, establishing, monitoring and maintaining contractual agreements and relations with third parties of which some are considered critical and/or important (outsourcing) relations within your domain of expertise. You are a proficient all-round procurement specialist with proven experience of Supplier Lifecycle Management within Banking and Finance industry. You are an expert in negotiations, contracting, outsourcing, relationship management, compliance and risk management and eager to minimize risks and threats to Knab and its customers.

Your responsibilities:

  • Explore options for synergies, cost savings opportunities, innovation and optimization of terms and conditions;
  • Challenge and advise business owners, teammates and subject matter experts within the Knab organization when it comes to third party solutions and related activities;
  • Source the best, most trustworthy and sustainable business solutions with suppliers to generate maximum value (Best Value Procurement);
  • Coordinate supplier due diligence and work towards compliant agreements together with colleagues from the 1st and 2nd line;
  • Monitor and evaluate the compliance and the performance of material suppliers on tactical and strategic level (e.g., through relationship management, by maintaining control & action plans and performing health checks);
  • Initiate mitigating measures in case of escalations, increased risk profile or potential reputational damage from third party agreements.

The team
The Procurement & Vendor Management team currently exists of one Procurement & Vendor Management Lead, two other Procurement Specialists and one Procurement Support colleague. This team is taking care of external, intra-group and outsourcing relations for Knab and is positioned within the CFO domain.

Your profile
As we mentioned before, there is no blueprint for being successful in this role, but we have the following profile in mind:

  • A Bachelor or Master degree with at least 3- 5 years of experience in Procurement or similar commercial roles;
  • Knowledge of legislation and regulations in the banking and finance industry, specifically with regards to outsourcing risk;
  • You are a star in relationship management and look outside of the box, demonstrate analytical capacity and good communication and interpersonal skills (e.g. clearly formulating opinion, showing critical thinking, etc.);
  • Experience with planning, execution and project management in an agile manner;
  • A team player who can adapt and learn at a quick pace;
  • You are fluent in English and have knowledge of Dutch (preferably B1 level).

Diversity Statement: Come as you are. Knab is an open workplace with positive vibes. We are inclusive of all nationalities, races and genders. We feel comfortable to bring our authentic whole selves to work and like you to do so too.

Work with us!
If you come to work with us, Knab will become a significant part of your life. Therefore, we make sure the ambiance is just as exciting as your job. Check the benefits!

If you have any questions regarding this role or the process, please feel free to reach out to us.

We don`t collaborate with third parties to fulfill this role.


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