I chose people

Stephan has been the CTO of Knab since the summer of 2017. I am speaking with him because I want to learn more about Knab and IT. And about what it means to work in IT at Knab. “These past few years I have worked in various software roles at different companies, but I thought it was time for a next step. I felt like it clicked for me from the moment I walked in the door at Knab. I mainly choose a new job based on the people. I found Knab very refreshing right away. I felt an enormous drive and heard about the upcoming major plans. I knew right then and there: this is where the action is and I want to be a part of it!”

Thinking from the customer's perspective

“We think things through from the customer’s perspective in everything we do. I know, a lot of companies say the same thing, but here it’s really the case. We build our service around the customer and the word ‘customer’ is part of every conversation we have here. Before we launch anything new, we ask our customers for their opinion and we test ideas. If the verdict is “don’t do it, I have no use for it,” then we won’t. It’s as simple as that here. We are the largest bank in the self-employed professionals segment. These are entrepreneurs who
want to focus on their business and not on the unnecessary administrative burdens. We make banking as easy as possible. You can see that in how we think in IT.”
Customer persspective

FinTech company

Because IT plays a key role there? Stephan ponders that for a moment and says, “Even better, Knab is IT. It’s our lifeblood. We are giving it everything we’ve got to become a real FinTech company. A significant number of our 300 employees work in an IT role. And that will continue to increase. Not as a separate department, but in different roles throughout the entire organization. We work with Scrum teams who are on top of and in the middle of the business. We translate the needs we see from our customers directly into a solution.
The future

The future

Many banks think in terms of standalone products. We want to move towards a comprehensive, integrated banking solution, a greenfield where we take big steps every day by implementing the latest technology, systems and tools. More importantly, we want to accomplish this goal by thinking differently and not being afraid to try new things. This is why we work with IT experts who feel the same way we do and who have the character and the expertise to work with us. Management doesn’t decide what we do or don’t do, the ‘Guilds’ do. Guilds are teams of IT experts from different Scrum teams that come together.”

“Knab is still a start-up. You notice that in the atmosphere and in how we all join forces 24/7 for the good of the company. Being pioneers and entrepreneurs, that is what we do. That’s what makes working here so special. And we have wonderful plans for the future: to become an even more high-tech and data-driven company, to learn everything we can from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide a unique service, and to have a presence on all media and channels where our customers are. I know what I would do if I were a Dev Ops Engineer, Software Engineer or Test Automation Expert: I would join in on the fun now!