Software engineer Knab

How did you find out about Knab?

My wife and I had been dreaming about living in Europe for quite a while. I lived in Germany before, just across the border in Aachen. Germany therefore was logically the first place to explore, but I also looked into almost every other country in Europe for things like market, security, health system and others. In the end, I was amazed to see how well the Netherlands scored on my measurements so the country quickly made it to the top of my short list.

Through Alex, whom I knew from the software community, I heard about Knab. I called him and we chatted for hours about the company and the Netherlands. It’s rather a big step to cross the ocean and go and live in a completely different country, especially with small kids. My oldest daughter is seven and I find it great that this gives her the opportunity to learn multiple languages and develop herself.

I didn’t know the Knab brand or company, but it sounded interesting to gain experience within the financial market since I worked in the energy sector for so long and also wanted something new. As soon as I had the first Skype interview it felt right. For the third interview I came to Knab, and that was the beginning of this adventure.

How was your first day as Principal Software Engineer?

I arrived on a Friday, and after exploring the city during the weekend, I started on Monday at the office. Although everyone was very welcoming, it was quite a heavy day mentally as I wasn’t used to speaking English all day long and the jetlag wasn’t quite gone yet either.

As a Principal Software Engineer you coach software engineers and develop plans to improve Knab’s IT-architecture. Therefore, I had quite a lot of meetings within the first days and weeks, and I soon got to know many colleagues.

Software engineer
Software principal

What were things you really had to get used to?

Wow, definitely the lunch. In Brazil we always have warm food like big steaks for lunch. Here this is much faster, usually with sandwiches and salad only. On the other hand, I really love that I can bike everywhere I want to go. I bike to work, around the city and with my kids.

The colleagues here are more direct, which is great. Everyone is very open and I love the sense of humour. I also love the fact that my team is culturally very diverse. What we could learn from Brazil? That if there is a problem, it’s never one person’s problem but the team’s.

Andre Carluzzi

What would you advise someone who considers relocating for Knab?

Come visit here before, have a look around. Check if the grass is really greener and if your expectations are correct. I came here to stay for a long time. The feeling Knab gave me about the opportunity was very important, but I knew I was really convinced the moment when I saw happy kids playing in the streets
everywhere. I realized how amazing this country would be not only for my professional life, but also for my family.

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