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Knab was founded in 2012 because we wanted to do things differently. Simpler, smarter and more advantageous for our customers. Because we believe we can help everyone maximize their financial affairs. "Feel at ease when it comes to your finances. Every day." By combining smart technical solutions with a healthy dose of human intelligence, we create financial services that really meet your needs. Add to that some of the sublime personal service from our employees and you end up with something that's truly unique to the world of finance. From banking to insurances, we've got your back!

All our colleagues have one thing in common: we each try to help customers maximize their money matters seamlessly and proactively. We're open minded, positive and committed to our customers. So, you gain control over your financial affairs.


In a nutshell

We are actively developing and maintaining several existing (mobile) applications and building new products to service our customers. For this job you will be working on a new proposition in the Knab product portfolio.

Here's a little taste of your challenge…

  • You bring technical leadership. You share your deep knowledge of design, analysis, development, testing, integration, architecture and more;
  • You are responsible for the technical challenges for the full domain, across multiple teams;
  • You understand and have worked with multiple IaaS and PaaS platforms (like AWS, Azure (Dynamics), Salesforce), and understand how to design and develop interdepencies between them;
  • You will coach team members in engineering practices, from software patterns to testing methodologies; delivering quality is key
  • You align with the enterprise architects and other Principals from other domains and shape the overall IT strategy;
  • You advice on which tools to try and use, to which PaaS offerings are the best for Knab and what direction our digital channel strategy should take. Because of this, your work will have impact far past your own team(s);
  • You will also work with the Product Owners and Scrum Masters to refine high level stories before they are further presented to the teams;
  • You will lead teams and Engineers technically, align teams, and help them prioritize tasks, to get the best possible output.


The Team
Knab's IT team consists of about 170 passionate people. Together we build and run the bank and all associated products. The success of Knab has made us decide to develop solutions more and more ourselves, phasing-out bought IT-solutions, in order to accelerate and disrupt banking. This video will give you an impression.



Your Profile

There is no set route to become a great Principal Engineer at Knab. But to be successful in this role, this is the kind of profile we have in mind:

  • An excellent background in C# and .NET Core;
  • A deep understanding of Frontend (Angular) / Headless solution;
  • Experience in CI/CD and automated testing;
  • You have an eye for great clean code, testing. TDD experience is even better!;
  • Coach developers, QA's and Application Admins;
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms, AWS and Azure (MS Dynamics, Salesforce) is preferred, specially on serverless containers and container orchestration, and microservices based distributed architectures;
  • You are a strong problem solver, you have strong analytical skills, you can be empathic and patient, and you are not afraid to take decisions;
  • Hands-on experience and deep technical knowledge in systems engineering;
  • Strong problem-solving skills. Ability to provide multiple solutions to a problem and approach it in different ways;
  • Architecture knowledge and networking: cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premise;
  • Eager for learning and knowledge sharing.

Diversity Statement: Come as you are. Knab is an open workplace with positive vibes. We are inclusive of all nationalities, races and genders. We feel comfortable to bring our authentic whole selves to work and like you to do so too.

Work with us
If you come to work with us, Knab will become a significant part of your life. Therefore, we make sure the ambiance is just as exciting as your job. Check the benefits

If you have any questions regarding this role or the process, please feel free to reach out to us. We don`t collaborate with third parties to fulfill this role.


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