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Knab was founded in 2012 because we wanted to do things differently. Simpler, smarter, and more advantageous for our customers. Because we believe we can help everyone maximize their financial affairs. "Feel at ease when it comes to your finances. Every day." By combining smart technical solutions with a healthy dose of human intelligence, we create financial services that really meet your needs. Add to that some of the sublime personal services from our employees, and you end up with something that's truly unique to the world of finance!

In a nutshell
The Risk & Portfolio Management (RPM) team of the Value Stream Lending (VSL) has as ultimate goal to have compliant and competitive product engines. A product engine can be defined as a specific asset class, e.g. mortgages or business lending. This means the RPM team is responsible for:

  • Establishing an efficient risk and return trade-off for the different product engines (i.e. the different asset classes like mortgages or business lending);
  • Managing the credit lifecycle of the different product engines from orientation till termination and making sure it adheres to the internal credit risk policies and relevant prudential external credit risk regulations (credit risk first line of defense);
  • Translating the Knab credit risk policies into product engine specific standards;
  • Executing the asset origination strategy (i.e., new business development);
  • Day-to-day credit acceptance for our Knab originated business loans;
  • Day-to-day investment and portfolio management processes, which is done in close colaberation with the relevant finance and risk teams.

Your main responsibilities;

The RPM team is responsible for competitive and compliant product engines. The current product engines the bank has, are Knab business lending (own origination and servicing), mortgages from Aegon & Robuust (3rd party origination and servicing), unsecured SME lending via Funding Circle in the UK (3rd party origination and servicing) and debt securities via Aegon Asset Management (3rd party origination and servicing). Going forward Knab would like to originate more loans under its own label and will therefore focus on putting a mortgage product in the market for self employed entrepreneurs as of 2024. This also aligns with the strategic focus of Knab, as it wants to be the number one bank for the self employed in The Netherlands.

Given this ambition Knab is looking for a senior risk & portfolio manager who can fully focus on setting up and maintaining the self employed mortgage product engine from a risk & portfolio management perspective. This means:

  • Take full ownership over this product engine from a risk & portfolio management perspective and setting requirements for internal and outsourced activities;
  • In 2023, fully focus on designing a competitive and compliant mortgage solution for our clients. You will have a lot of flexibility to set up the product, as long as it is in line with the (credit risk) policies of Knab and as long as it is relevant for our customers;
  • In 2024 and onwards, once the product engine is live, work together with the internal team and external partners to maintain, enhance and expand the product engine.

The RPM team within Knab consists of dedicated portfolio and risk specialists. We work closely with other teams within the bank, both within the Value Stream Lending and with teams in the Finance and Risk column. The RPM team is part of the Value Stream Lending, and as senior risk & portfolio manager, you are reporting directly to the head of 1st line risk & portfolio management.


There is no set route to become a good risk & portfolio manager at Knab. But to be successful in this role, this is the kind of profile we have in mind:  

  • You have a master's degree, preferably a quantitative master with a specialization in the area of finance and/or economics;
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English (both written and spoken);
  • You have at least 5 years of working experience in the financial sector, preferably in the area of mortgages;
  • You have experience in working with prudential credit risk regulation;
  • You have experience with credit acceptance, credit risk monitoring and pricing;
  • You have extensive knowledge of the Dutch mortgage market and product;
  • You understand the mortgage advisory market;
  • You have an entrepreneurial attitude, challenge the status quo and affinity with building fast growing products;
  • You are proactive, take ownership and work in a structured way;
  • You have strong communicating and presenting skills.

Diversity Statement: Come as you are. Knab is an open workplace with positive vibes. We are inclusive of all nationalities, races, and genders. We feel comfortable bringing our authentic whole selves to work and like you to do so too.

Work with us!
If you come to work with us, Knab will become a significant part of your life. Therefore, we make sure the ambiance is just as exciting as your job. Check the benefits!

If you have any questions regarding this role or the process, please feel free to reach out to us!

We don't collaborate with third parties to fulfill this role.

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