Knab service desk

What makes working for Knab different

You don’t have to do it all alone. We will make sure you can help our customers in the best possible way while working with a group of wonderful colleagues and taking part in internal training courses and workshops. Therefore, no time constraints, but all the time you need to truly help the customer. If the customer is satisfied, you have done a good job. Best of all, you determine how you go about your job. Do you enjoy using your social skills and knowledge to give customers better insight into their finances? Join the Crew!

The excursion of the year

There are only two days a year that the Knab Service Desk is not open. We spend Christmas Day with family and Whit Sunday is for Knab. We are a very close-knit group. The service desk excursion is different every year. One year we visited an estate in Ermelo, another time we had a sports day at the beach in Zandvoort, and this year we are cruising the canals of Amsterdam on a party boat.

Service desk Shift leader Roy

Service desk

One thing I enjoy about working at Knab is that there is always time and room for good ideas. You are often working on interesting projects and work a lot with other departments, in addition to maintaining relations with your customers. And the atmosphere at the service desk is so good that you sometimes don’t even realize that you are working.

As long as you have a Knab heart


No two work days are ever the same for team leader Sarah Braun. Making plans, coordinating activities with other teams and recruiting new colleagues. She pays particular attention to whether someone has a “Knab heart”.

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How you really delight customers

klanten verrassen
At Knab you have the opportunity and the responsibility to truly delight customers. How?  By sending a personalized gift, if you know that someone is coming home from the hospital for example. You often get wonderful responses in such a case.